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Fanart Comm for all Fandoms!

fan to your hearts desire

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Fan Art; A Place to Express your Fan Love as Art!
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fanart community for all genres and fandoms.
Rules For the Fan Art Comunity

  • This is a place where you can post any fan art. The subject/technique/size is free, be as creative as you can, but it must be fan art. That's why is community is here. It's for fan art, not random artwork or abstract pictures. You can fan anything you want, but it must be fan art.

  • If posting images please make sure they are less than 500 in width. and 500 in height. Any bigger just link it.

  • You MUST put a warning in the post if it contains anything offensive. (ie. sex, drugs, violence, or anything that would be rated R in a movie or something that you wouldn't want your mother to see.)

  • If you want to post more than one image use the Lj-cut tag. Give a description of the images as well, incase they are anything offensive.

  • You can post images or links to images.

  • Please make sure your images show up rather than getting that little red x. Remember to use reliable hosts, for example Imageshack or Photobucket (though the last one is famous for making randomly your pics smaller).

  • Always be encouraging about others' work but please, remember, constructive feedback is always appreciated. That's the only way artists can learn more and spot their "faults". :)

  • Please post only YOUR fan art or make sure the persons fan art you are posting are ok with this and please give them credit.

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